Green fingers

Can you tell by how busy a summer we have had by how long it has been since we have put a new post up on our blog?  We are well and truly in autumn now and the sunny day/days of summer are long gone.  We had a great summer making and selling our lemonade and Walter Gregor's Tonic Water, greatly helped by a new pasteuriser which allowed us to increase our throughput four fold.  

While we make plans for next year, we have been replanting in the walled garden to ensure we have a good supply of botanicals to flavour our drinks.  One of the jobs in the garden has been to split up our largest mint plant into a number of smaller pots which will hopefully all grow to a good size next year.  We grow all our mint in containers, including an old double china sink, so that it doesn't take over the rest of the garden.  We use it to naturally flavour our Hint O' Mint Lemonade and as one of the botanicals Walter Gregor's Tonic Water.